PetFit is designed to provide solutions to your pet’s mobility and fitness challenges. These may be a consequence of injury or ageing, alternatively you may simply wish to improve function using physical therapies.

  • Recovery from Injury
    Our younger pets may need help to recover from injury, with the aim being a return to normal function, such as those post-operative patients e.g. following cruciate (knee) surgery.
  • Senior Pets
    As our pets age and become seniors, the activities of daily living can become more difficult but there are now many options available to optimise quality of life.
  • Weight Management
    As a Royal Canin Approved Weight Management Centre we are all too aware of the increase in obesity in pets which can seriously impact on health and wellness.
  • Disease control
    Disease control may be important, especially management of oesteoarthritis and weight.

Advice for Owners

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Therapies include hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and other rehabilitation techniques such as acupuncture, laser and pulsed electromagnetic therapies and these are used alongside pain management, nutritional advice and positive behavioural and environmental modifications.

We provide specialist advice from our highly qualified and integrated team to give you an individualised programme to best support you and your pet’s needs and wellness.

Our PetFit range of nutraceuticals is designed to optimise health, used alone or in combination with other therapies and medications.

Products include those that support joints, the gastrointestinal tract, specific organs such as bladder, kidneys and liver, essential fatty acids, toothpaste and those that aid calming, amongst others.

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